• Ofsted
    Outstanding 2014/15

    “Pupils at Key Stages 1 to 4, children in Early Years and students in the sixth form, including those those with autism and profound and multiple learning difficulties and multi-sensory impairments, make significant and sustained progress. As a result of outstanding teaching and highly effective support to indivualise learning."

  • Ofsted
    Outstanding 2014/15

    “The achievement of children in the Early Years is outstanding. They make consistently high rates of progress academically, personally and socially in relation to their very low starting points.”

  • Ofsted
    Outstanding 2014/15

    “A rich and stimulating, broad and balanced, and highly relevent curricullum is in place. Every pupil across the school from Early Years to the sixth form greatly benefits from an individualised curriculum with a strong emphasis on developing pupils’ communication, literacy skills and their personal, social and health education.”

  • Ofsted
    Outstanding 2014/15

    "Pupils with profound and muliple learning difficulties often experience a sense of wonder through well-planned sensory activities" “Under the transformational leadership of the headteacher the school has sustained outstanding leadership and management since its previous inspection."

  • Ofsted
    Outstanding 2014/15

    “Children are very happy and most eager to join in with their activities. They display high levels of concentration, imagination and curiosity about the world around them."

  • Ofsted
    Outstanding 2014/15

    " Pupils have excellent attitudes to learning and always try their very best in lessons." "The teaching of communication, literacy and numeracy is very effective."

  • Ofsted
    Outstanding 2014/15

    "The achievement of students in the sixth form is outstanding resulting from outstanding teaching over time." “Pupils have excellent relationship with adults and show kindness and respect to each other. They are courteous and polite to adults.”

  • Ofsted
    Outstanding 2014/15

    "The school's work to keep pupils safe and secure is outstanding." "Rigorous and regular monitoring of teaching through lesson observations, pupil progress meetings and scrutiny of pupils' work is outstanding."

  • Ofsted
    Outstanding 2014/15

    “Leaders make excellent use of the primary school physical education and sport premium.” “Pupils have excellent relationship with adults and show kindness and respect to each other. They are courteous and polite to adults.”

  • Ofsted
    Outstanding 2014/15

    “Teachers and teaching assistants were seen working well together in all lessons to support the learning of individual and small groups of pupils, ensuring that tasks were carefully matched to each individual pupil’s learning needs and breaking tasks down into smaller steps.”


Order and pay for your child's School Uniform and PE kit online from 'School Trends' by following the link here

School Uniform

Grey trousers / navy blue joggers
Grey skirt / pinafore dress
Sky blue school polo shirt
Sky blue school sweatshirt
Royal blue jumper or cardigan

PE Kit
Sky blue T-shirt
Navy blue shorts
White ankle socks
PE Kit Bag


Long trousers
Wellington boots or boots with a heel

Swimming Kit
Swimming costume
Swimming Hat (can ordered from school)

Alternatively visit www.schooltrendsonline.com Simply go to the website address, then select ‘Find My School’ and follow the order instructions. You can either pay online or if you prefer, you can order online and send a cheque to the address below.

10 Carley Drive
Sheffield S20 8NQ

There are no minimum order quantities and your uniform will be delivered directly to your chosen address.

Items such as trousers, skirts and shirts from the www.schooltrends.co.uk website or you can buy from your chosen local supermarket.

Marking your School Uniform and Clothing
Every item of clothing must be clearly marked with the pupil’s name. Parents are reminded that children change all their clothes for PE and swimming so please also mark underclothes.

Personal Property and Jewellery
Parents are requested not to allow their child to bring valuable possessions to school. It is school policy that no jewellery should be worn in school. For safety reasons and in accordance with advice from CSF no jewellery including earrings should be worn in PE. In particular we are aware of the hazards encountered with earrings for pierced ears, as the stud and butterfly may become separated and cause other people injury if they should tread on them. The Governors have agreed that pupils will be asked to stay at home if they come to school wearing earrings.

NB. Please ensure that your child is equipped appropriately in order to undertake these activities safely and comfortably.

The caring way in which parents dress their children is appreciated and every effort is made to make pupils aware of their clothing, to recognise and look after their own possessions and to learn dressing skills which are necessary for independence.