• Ofsted
    Outstanding 2014/15

    “Pupils at Key Stages 1 to 4, children in Early Years and students in the sixth form, including those those with autism and profound and multiple learning difficulties and multi-sensory impairments, make significant and sustained progress. As a result of outstanding teaching and highly effective support to indivualise learning."

  • Ofsted
    Outstanding 2014/15

    “The achievement of children in the Early Years is outstanding. They make consistently high rates of progress academically, personally and socially in relation to their very low starting points.”

  • Ofsted
    Outstanding 2014/15

    “A rich and stimulating, broad and balanced, and highly relevent curricullum is in place. Every pupil across the school from Early Years to the sixth form greatly benefits from an individualised curriculum with a strong emphasis on developing pupils’ communication, literacy skills and their personal, social and health education.”

  • Ofsted
    Outstanding 2014/15

    "Pupils with profound and muliple learning difficulties often experience a sense of wonder through well-planned sensory activities" “Under the transformational leadership of the headteacher the school has sustained outstanding leadership and management since its previous inspection."

  • Ofsted
    Outstanding 2014/15

    “Children are very happy and most eager to join in with their activities. They display high levels of concentration, imagination and curiosity about the world around them."

  • Ofsted
    Outstanding 2014/15

    " Pupils have excellent attitudes to learning and always try their very best in lessons." "The teaching of communication, literacy and numeracy is very effective."

  • Ofsted
    Outstanding 2014/15

    "The achievement of students in the sixth form is outstanding resulting from outstanding teaching over time." “Pupils have excellent relationship with adults and show kindness and respect to each other. They are courteous and polite to adults.”

  • Ofsted
    Outstanding 2014/15

    "The school's work to keep pupils safe and secure is outstanding." "Rigorous and regular monitoring of teaching through lesson observations, pupil progress meetings and scrutiny of pupils' work is outstanding."

  • Ofsted
    Outstanding 2014/15

    “Leaders make excellent use of the primary school physical education and sport premium.” “Pupils have excellent relationship with adults and show kindness and respect to each other. They are courteous and polite to adults.”

  • Ofsted
    Outstanding 2014/15

    “Teachers and teaching assistants were seen working well together in all lessons to support the learning of individual and small groups of pupils, ensuring that tasks were carefully matched to each individual pupil’s learning needs and breaking tasks down into smaller steps.”

Charity Shop

Amwell View Charity Shop aims to provide meaningful work experience opportunities for young people and adults with learning difficulties. The shop is located in close proximity to the school meaning that students have the opportunity to walk to the shop with the support of staff. The shop will also support the school's presence in the community and raise peoples awareness of learning difficulties. Donations received at the school will provide an extension to the curriculum for students aged 14-19 as they sort, clean and prepare items before transporting them to be sold at the shop. We are a registered charity (Charity number: 803181) and will use sales to contribute to the continued existence of the charity shop and provision. In addition to the much needed work experience opportunities we hope to provide a valued service for the local community.

Amwell View Charity Shop
6 High Street
Stanstead Abbotts
SG12 8AB

The delivery address for donations is:
Amwell View School
Station Road
Stanstead Abbotts
SG12 8EH

Please be aware that we are unable to receive the following donations:


Furniture and Housewares
• Upholstered furniture without a fire label including items without labels that are part of donated set
• Upholstered furniture with large tears or damage
• Furniture with missing parts or damage that may make the item unsafe
• Veneered wood furniture with damage to the veneer exposing the inner wood
• Candles without instructions

Electrical Items
• Electric blankets
• Electric showers
• Sunbeds and tanning equipment
• Waste disposal units
• Power tools without instructions
• Refrigerators

Heating and Cooking
• Gas appliances (mains or bottled)
• Gas cookers
• Ovens with glass fronts/doors
• Oil filled radiators (not supplied with a thermostat)
• Oil heaters (mobile)
• Storage heaters hardwired
• Oil and gas Agas

Sports and Safety Equipment
• Bicycles
• Buoyancy aids, lifejackets, inflatable dinghies
• Safety helmets, riding hats, crash helmets
• Cycle helmets
• Safety harnesses of any sort
• Fire fighting equipment

Children's Equipment
• Children's car seats
• Cots, carry cots, playpens

Software and Hardware
• Home recorded DVDs, video and audio tapes
• Home recorded computer games and software on recordable CDs and DVDs

• Knives
• Swords, sword stocks, crossbows
• Guns and ammiunition (including replica guns)

• Personal appliances such as shavers, foot spas, etc (unless unused and in with original sealed box)
• Duvets and pillows that have been used
• Medication including vitamins
• Perishable goods, food and drink
• Prescription spectacles
• Cleaning agents, solvents and adhesives
• Ivory
• Petrol or diesel fuelled garden tools such as lawn mowers